Aug 4, 2014



13 july 2014.  I "pause" my journey for a while. its also been 4 months im travelling half the world.

from China - Mongolia - Russia (using trans siberia route) entering europe from Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Hungary - Austria - Romania - Bulgaria - Greece & Italy. All within this 4 month.

I had superb, unbelieveble, out of my mind experience during this journey. Seriesly never regret it and totally wanna do it again. Some of the country i really really wanna spend more time to explore..and some of the country i just want to skip it or spend it with someone special or not special =P.

1st - im sooooory about my english writing. So basic.
Naaaah..its not that i want to show off that i just return from oversea and must speak and write in still proud of my language. still love to speak my north slang 'hang pasaipa...nak penampaq ka...." .

The reason = all my new friend from this country i visited want to read my blog and journey. They keep asking me to update my blog. keep asking me to plz plz plz lah ida...plz write it in english....

i said "my english is sooo basic..and grammar nazi will hunt and shoot me, i still love my life...i dont want to die because of them..." =). At the end, i decide, why not try kan....what they can do. my blog, my life...yeah i know all of u have perfect english with british what..??

ok...for now, while i unpack my stuff, to wash all my laundry, to sort all the paper/file/ticket/bla bla blas.....i upload few of my photos and no more hiding....enjoy

feel like heaven when i touch down and arrive in my freaking crazy country. seriesly cant stop smiling at all and i arrive 4 days before M17 tragedy.

my fav dish when im traveling....actually the only exotic food i can think about to cook for my host. Nasi Lemak. nailed it everytime and all my host love it soo much. Of course lah, coz they never eat this nasi lemak before.... =p

Hang out with bunch of Italian 'mafia'....suppose to be 6 people and our group keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger when they bring along their friends. I though Italian people love to hang out at bar or nightclub. So wrong....for them, just grab drinks and find a place at this square....and change stories until morning. cool one. 

discovery old town of lithuania. seriously i love Lithuania. Peaceful, beautiful...full of history and the people so freaking intresting. 

one of must see places for history buff or when u in Athens. Acropolis. soooo freaking majestic. i spend 2 hours at this places for "people" watching....=D

 ride like a local....Romania....

in front of parliament in Bucharest, Romania. Soooooo freaking huge. 2nd biggest after Pentagon.  

free walking tour in Budapest, Hungary

with my host in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Stay with them for 5 days....culture shock.  

With my host family in Gdans, Poland. Olek & Ania and their kids. Kasper & Natalia...i miss them 

 Camping with the hippies for 6 days in Romania. Life changing experience. 

 with my host from lithuania. full of attitude. 

with my new friend i meet when i camping in Romania.  

with i dont-know-how-to-describe-our-relationship family in Bulgaria. Love them...and of course they love me also....*wink*

relaxing in santorini, greece.....

ok fine...i think i will write in bahasa. English totally not for me. cannot describe fully my experience and feeling
OUT OF MY MIND cant believe i did this journey...wehooo

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