Apr 15, 2014



ok...im alwayz blogging in bahasa. But this time, to improve my rusty english and to share my experience from all over the world, i will write it in english. plz forgive me coz my english is not as perfect as yours who read this kind of ravings.

yesterday, 13th april...mark my 1 month annivesary im traveling non stop and alone/solo for almost 3 weeks. coz first 2 weeks...friend of my friends, ellie, join me in 5 days in Beijing and 7 days i think in Mongolia. 

preparation for the trip is hectic and super crazy. for the first time i need to book and settle all my stuff by myself. im the runner to setlle china & russia visa. change money...buy ticket train...settle this and that and i almost fed up with soooo many stuff to do. But then, support from my friends..make my life more easier before i leave. 

Nervous. afraid...almost freak out...that how i feel for the 1st week before i depart for this trip. But now, i not regret at all with this decision i take. im still nervous. still afraid but not freak out anymore. 

for this trip....i totally want to experience it with new approach and something most malaysian dont know yet. im couchsurf from the beginning of my travelling..and i plan to continue it untili return back to my country. u can know more about this couchsurfing thing at www.couchsurfing.org. 

this is just introduction. i will share my experience from time to time when i have time and energy and idea what to write. in my mind...thats a lot i wanna share, but im sleepy. just coming back from Olkhon island..its in the middle of nowhere island. and my exact location right now is in irkutsk, Russia. 

My host already asleep. This adele songs make me more sleepy....

playing Unoo with argentinan guy, amilcar and Bergz children. my 2nd couchsurfing host. live in his traditional ger house....crazy beautiful and totally awesome experience. 

with the nutritious group...they have class everyday...why my face look sooooo tired??

full or energy in China. 

hmmmm...i like beijing.....

camwhore again.

yeaaah...my journey start now....here we gooooo...!!

my ride from Beijing to MOngolia. Cool journey. 

food galore....

camwhore victim....the begnning of our journey in Gobi desert.

at temple of ruins....at gobi...sorry selfie again...will upload the real temple of ruins...beautiful places. 

Peace Square in Ulan Bator MOngolia....

2nd class cabin in the train. cozy....

gobi desert...wehoo

its 2am right now. im tired. wanna sleep. just upload the pic randomly. 

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